Wearing a Mask

Wearing a Mask is Mandatory in Belgium

With a slight increase in the spread of corona in Belgium, it has become mandatory to wear a custom mask. Everyone must wear a mask to enter shops, banks, and cinemas.

Experts have been warning about public behavior since the end of the lockdown, but the economic situation has demanded that normalcy be restored.

On the other hand, it is also true that in the absence of regular treatment, the spread of the coronavirus decreased as a result of the lockdown.

According to experts, this has led the public to believe that the epidemic is over, and the government has made it mandatory to wear masks in public places, giving priority to expert opinion, and implemented it immediately from July 11.

Under the new law, no one will be able to enter shops, banks, mosques, cinemas, and other public places without masks, a ban already in place on public transport.

According to Belgium’s Federal Ministry of Health, 87.9 percent of corona positive cases are reported in Belgium on a daily basis, which is 4% more than last week.

Remember that the Federal Ministry of Health now releases new data weekly instead of daily. According to the ministry, at present, 10.1 percent of corona patients are coming to the hospital daily.

168 Corona patients were hospitalized last week, 32 of whom are in the intensive care unit.

The daily death toll from the coronavirus has dropped to 2.4 percent from 4.7 percent a week earlier.

In total, 62,606 people have been affected by the outbreak of Corona in Belgium since its inception, with 9,782 deaths from the outbreak.

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