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As an IT solution provider, we know it’s vital to have a high-end well-functioned computer to accomplish daily activities. Whether you are a PC user or a professional, speed is always a factor that should be considered. So, suppose you are fed up with the improper functioning of the operating system due to problematic hardware devices. In that case, it’s a perfect time to consider custom configuration for your PC. 

So, if you’re planning to upgrade your current equipment? Get the best services of WELLNEX as per your requirement.

What are we offering? 

We are a wholesale supplier located in the UK. Due to our quality and quick service we gain a good reputation among influential brands of IT. 

To get rid of used IT hardware parts that don’t support your system’s requirement get in touch with us now. Our experts analyze these parts thoroughly and refurb them according to the system’s needs for full-fledged functioning. 

If you intend to establish a new office, you probably need the best IT infrastructure that supports your activities. New hardware must ensure perfect and ideal performance, but it requires deep pockets. You may run out of your budget. 

For this purpose, used IT spare parts with optimal performance are in demand now. You can get them as much as you want at low prices. 

WELLNEX offers premium quality best-refurbished routers, switches, servers, CPUs, and storage devices from well-known brands like Lenovo, IBM, Dell, HP, NetApp, and Cisco with excellent performance. 

We offer fair market rates, which is the secret of our success till now. Computer hardware parts like CPUs and storage devices are available at the consumer and the enterprise level. But refurbished networking parts are sold to the enterprise communities only.

Coordination with other brands 

WELLNEX is leading a team of hardware IT professionals for more than 30 years. Being so cooperative and supportive, we are recognized as the number one wholesale supplier of computer hardware. 

We are working with several brands. Our proper coordination with them leads us to this level where we are standing today. 

Some of the well-famous IT brands we are working with are DELL, HP, INTEL, and IBM. Many more in a row. 


The ladder of success can never be climbed without punctuality. To win our customers’ trust and compel them to get our services again, we adhere to strict deadlines. We deliver orders within the given time. 

Trusted and Guaranteed

Second-hand spare parts are often sold without promises and guarantees. But our refurbished hardware products are available with a warranty of 1 year.  If any fault or damage is found in any product, we will replace it within 24 hours. 

Contact us now!

To replace your ill-functioned hardware parts with well-configured equipment, contact us now at address 5 Appin Lane, Edinburgh EH14 1JL, UK and Reg. No. SC645644 ; Vat. GB351 0603 44 

Meanwhile you can call at : +44 (0) 131 581 9242 or can connect via email : [email protected]. We are also open to seasonal discount offers for our permanent clients. By choosing us, you will never get disappointed. 

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