What Are the Main Types of Addiction?

Addiction is a silent killer that takes over a person’s life over time. Signs of addiction can be quite visible, but some go unnoticed.

However, all types of addiction point to one thing: loss of control over self. There is almost no decision process involved in choosing to give in to the need.

Here are some of the main addictions people face in the world.

  1. Internet Addiction

The rise of technology and social media as prevalent forces in our lives makes it hard to disconnect from the Internet.

Everywhere you go, you bring your phone with you. This is because you feel you have to stay in constant connection with the rest of the world, even when you’re on vacation.

It’s like, you’re waiting for those work emails to come in and validate your need always to be connected–to be reachable at all times.

Pew Research found that three in ten U.S. adults are constantly online, with 85% of Americans on the Internet at least once a day. Yet, many are not even conscious of their dependence on the Internet.

  1. Gambling Addiction

Gambling addictions don’t refer to those one-off times you felt lucky and bought a lottery ticket. Neither does it refer to an occasional trip to the casino.

Signs of addiction include the compulsive need to spend money gambling despite losing money and accruing a large sum of debt.

The market size value of the gambling industry in the United States was worth $59.7 billion in 2020. In seven years, the market size value of this industry is set to grow twice that amount.

The gambling industry is predicted to grow rapidly due to people’s compulsive need to keep returning to the tables.

  1. Sex Addiction

Addiction to sex plays out in several scenarios.

For one, there is a correlation between sex addiction and childhood trauma. Those who have been abused as children tend to develop an addiction to sex as they grow older.

Another associated addiction related to addiction to sex is drug addiction. Those with sex addictions tend to use drugs and associate their drug use with sexual pleasure.

Addiction symptoms include chasing pleasure via sex and drugs, which leads to a repeating cycle of participating in the two simultaneously.

  1. Drug Addiction

Drug addictions are by far the most common addictions in the United States. If you look at the top addictions in the country, all of them involve some drug or stimulant.

This includes constant use of cocaine, tobacco (or nicotine), alcohol, marijuana, heroin, and painkillers. Drug addiction is characterized by compulsive use of such drugs even in the face of known health implications. Even over-the-counter drugs used to treat flu can also lead to addiction if not used properly. You can read this article discussing is nyquil addictive and learn more.

While some drug addictions are more socially acceptable, addiction to drugs can impact relationships with friends and family. In addition, it is so prevalent that researchers found similarities between food addiction vs drug addiction, another public health problem throughout the United States.

Seek Help For All Types of Addiction

It’s not uncommon to find that most people today suffer from one or more than one of the different types of addiction prevalent in society.

Addiction doesn’t only take over a person’s life; it has the ability to ruin relationships and dampen visions of the future.

If you know someone who could use  Center help in treating their addictions, reach out and encourage them to seek help. It takes immense strength and courage to do so, so be compassionate and patient with them.

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