Katarzyna Kobro

What is Katarzyna Kobro’s ethnic background? Is she Polish or Russian?

Katarzyna Kobro was born in 1889 in Warsaw, Poland. She studied at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in St. Petersburg, Russia. Kobro moved to Moscow in 1918 and started working as an artist there.

Most of Katarzyna kobro art “were created in Russia. so she is generally considered a Russian artist. But, because she was born and educated in Poland, some people consider her a Polish artist as well. It is up to the viewer to decide which country Kobro belongs to.

There were two major events that marked her time in Russia.  Kobro’s work “was affected by these events. Violence, death, and destruction were often themes explored in the work. People ask how old was Katarzyna kobro when she died .Katarzyna Kobro’s died in 1953 at the age of 60.

Russia: The Early Years

  • During the Russian Revolution, Kobro completed a project called “The War.” It was an effort to commemorate those. 
  • As a result of the Soviet government’s censure. Kobro destroyed most of the reliefs.
  • Similar themes continued to “be explored in Kobro’s art after the war. Among her more recent works.
  • “The Black Square” and “The Red Square” explore the concept of death and destruction. Human bodies are abstracted through abstraction..
  • Russian art history “is enriched by Katarzyna Kobro. She was an artist of her time who delved into dark themes and had a unique style. Her Polish rots cannot “be overlooked.
  • Despite her “being considered a Katarzyna kobro sculpture. Kobro’s work speaks to the human experience regardless of nationality.
  • As she is both a Polish and Russian artist.

Her background is described as multiracial. A Baltic German father and a Russian mother are the parents of her mother. She moved to Moscow with her entire family in 1915. Katarzyna did not have any siblings. Russian citizen Katarzyna was of German-Russian descent. As a Christian, she also practiced.

Katarzyna Kobro’s net worth is how much?

Katarzyna Kobro was a well-known sculptor from Poland. Media outlets have not revealed her net worth or salary. But, some websites estimate that Katarzyna kobro net worth is  least $74,576 per year from her work.

Katarzyna must have made a decent living as a result of her long career in sculpture. Over her lifetime, she earned a great deal of money, which would have made her happy. Katarzyna also acquired notoriety and a name for herself as a respected sculptor. If she had lived longer, her net worth and earnings would have increased more.

Even though specific information about her net worth is not available. It is clear that Katarzyna Kobro was a very successful sculptor. Who made a good living from her art.


Katarzyna Kobro was a Polish sculptor who was born and initially trained in Russia. However, most art scholars and lovers refer to her as a Polish artist because she created most of her sculptures and influenced other artists in Poland. Her early years in Russia certainly influenced her work, but her biggest contributions to the art world were made in Poland.

Despite being born and trained in Russia. Katarzyna Kobro is better known as a Polish sculptor rather than a Russian artist. She created most of her sculptures and influenced other artists in Poland. where she spent her early years. As a result, Katarzyna Kobro is most often referred to as a Polish artist by art scholars and lovers.

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