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What Is The Relationship Between Your Personality And Your Clothes Wear?

Your clothes contribute greatly to your personality. You might think Clothes are merely fabrics that cover your skin, but you would be underestimating the power of your attire greatly. There is a great connection between your clothes and your personality, as psychology proves. This is an exciting study by psychologists and you will be surprised to know just how much your attire says about you. Keep reading to know how exactly.

The Relationship Between Your Personality And What You Wear.

Your attire either jazzes up your look or tones it down and the best thing is that you are in control of it. Every person has his/her own style and preference in dressing. If you observe closely, you can tell a lot about a person through how they style themselves. The famous quote “your clothes communicate before you do” fits right in this reference.

What Is The Scientific Or Factual Backing Up Behind This Claim?

A study was held that gave a set of females and males sets of questionnaires that determined their moods, emotions, and mental conditions and then gave them outfits to try on. Later, their moods were examined and observed again. This study proved that our emotions and thought process greatly impacts our dressing. We tend to wear different clothes when we are happy or depressed.

It also proved that wearing classy and chic clothes tends to make us more confident and assertive. You tend to feel more comfortable and confident if you are wearing something that you know makes you look good. For example, it was proven that bold women felt more confident with clothes that showed off their bodies and made them happier with themselves.

Here’s what your favorite clothing item in your wardrobe says about you.

Skinny Jeans.

Skinny jeans have been in trend for as long as you can remember. It is one of those fashion statements that never run out of trend. Wearing skinny jeans tells that you like to stay in your comfort zone and are comfortable with yourself and how people perceive you. You can find men’s skinny jeans at La Haute in various styles and colours. Finding suitable men’s skinny jeans is hard but don’t worry, La Haute has got you covered!

Hoodies And Oversized Clothes.

Hoodies and oversized clothes say that you are someone who prioritizes their own comfort more than anything else. Hence why you will find a teenager’s wardrobe full of hoodies and oversized clothes that makes them feel warm, cozy, and fully covered!


The era we live in gives great importance to footwear, especially sneakers. Nike, Jordans, and Converses are everywhere you go. These are finishing touches of your whole outlook but play an important role in your attire. Your choice in shoes speaks for your personality type; introvert or extrovert, cheerful or prefers their own company, etc.


Accessories are what spice up your look and add to your personality. Chic and minimal accessories such as earrings and necklaces tell that you prefer elegance over bold styles. However, bolder accessory choices tell that you are outgoing, carefree and exciting.

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