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What Makes a Great Website?

The design of a website can aid navigation and set the tone. First impressions count, and they are quite quickly based on what you see and read within the first few seconds of browsing. The overall look and functionality of a website, therefore, directly reflects the company. A high-quality website that looks professional really will go a long way to promoting your business or company.

The Content and Style

The importance of high-quality images that are incorporated into your website cannot be underestimated. Photos or action shots should be crisp and look professional using good quality lighting. Employing the skills of a professional photographer will go a long way to helping you achieve this. The color scheme is very important for your website to promote the ethos of your company. Colors should be kept to a few and be reflective of the company logo, so there are no obvious clashes.

Website Functionality

Dropdown menus that are integrated onto your home page will allow for a slick feel that is easy to navigate. It is important to keep your headings clear and concise from your main screen so that documents and links are easily signposted. It is useful here to keep the number of clicks to allow navigation to documents to a minimum. A good tip is to have a button to return the user back to the home page rather than having to continually click the back button that can appear clunky. By now, you will have realized that good website design matters, and unless you are an expert, you need to employ the service of who can ensure your website is functional and well designed. Keep clutter down on your website as this speeds up searching for information that will be welcomed. Buttons can be made attractive using both pictures and words and can come in many different designs to fit your color scheme and feel.

What to Include

Some websites have incorporated news feeds of Twitter feeds on their main page, highlighting important information to the user. These can look professional and hi-tech, but again, it is important not to over-clutter your page. Your feed will not want to take center stage but perhaps be located down a side panel. Remember, everything you add or incorporate needs to be large enough to be visible for reading purposes. You could think of having an animated background on the home page if this is relevant to your business as this really draws the eye to the material and will give your website the edge over your competition. This could be particularly powerful to promote the company logo and perhaps showcase individuals within the company carrying out key functions.

Contact Information

Make sure your website includes up-to-date contact information hosting a location map and key contact information, including email addresses and telephone numbers. A function that allows translation of your website into different languages may be an important consideration for you so that you are promoting ease of access for all. The main webpage itself should host any accolades, badges, or awards achieved by the company, if applicable, so this is acknowledged by the reader.

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