What should I know about custom metal roofing in 2021?

Your roof is the second-best element that makes your house a proper building, first being the walls indeed. Choosing the right materials for both of these things can benefit you for the longest time. While getting to have custom metal roofing there are certain factors you must be well aware about. Metal roofing is known for the durability, versatility, and sustainability they provide.

Many people are choosing to have metal roofs for their houses. Metal roofs have a wide array of options to choose from to have roofing that is actually what you want to have. This is the cause of so much popularity of the option of having a metal roof. The styles and textures help you in utilizing your metal roofing in the right way. You might also have some myths about metal roofing which will be addressed as well. We have compiled the following points that you must know before having custom metal roofing in your house.

  1. Are metal roofs expensive to buy because of metal? 

People in the past considered metal roofs to be a fate of those who were rich. It was hard for many people to afford a metal roof as it was a huge expenditure all at once. But in the present times getting metal roofing has become accessible for many people mostly homeowners due to the efficient manufacturing of the metal roofs and also the availability of homeowners. If you get a metal roofing installed properly and make sure to maintain it than your metal roofing can bear the wear and tear of the weather conditions. You can go with the same metal roofing for 30 to 60 days. If you own a forever home then getting a custom metal roofing will be cost-efficient for you.

For metal roofs, you have to pay a good amount of money at the time of buying and installing it up for your house. But in the long run, it will be cost-effective as you need not get it fixed over and over again. Hence you will end up saving money by getting metal roofing. And even if you think to sell your house with the metal roofing you can charge the buyer for it too. You can about 85.9 percent of your money back. It can also increase the sales value of your house. Besides, you will not have to take a lot of care of the custom metal roofing as it is low maintenance. Regular maintenance won’t also cost you much.

  1. Are metal roofs good for insulation? 

Metal roofing is known to save the energy consumption of your house. It is because metals can reflect away the direct sunlight and protect your house from getting heated up due to the sun. it does not absorb the sun’s energy and highly reflective metal roofs can reflect about 90 percent of radiations from the sun. Hence when your house remains cool even in massive heated up situations outside you will be able to save 40 percent of the energy that would be spent on the home cooling equipment.

  1. Will metal roofs attract natural lightening?

Many people believe in the myth that a metal roof can attract natural lighting. The Metal Construction Association has said that metal roofing is only as much likely to get hit by lightning as any other roofing. And even if in any unfortunate circumstances, if lightning strikes your roof, a metal roof will keep you safe as it is not combustible just like any other roofing material like wood and shingles. Lightning does not strike low-level surfaces mostly. Tall poles and trees are most likely to attract lightning on them this is why they are kept away from houses and areas where people exist.

  1. Are metal roofs eco-friendly?

One of the most sustainable and eco-friendly of the roofing is metal roofing for both and commercial roofing materials. Metal is 100 percent recyclable and is already made of 25 percent reused material. Steel can be reused many times without facing a decrease in performance. Besides being eco-friendly, it is also lightweight and can be transported here and there with ease. The reflectivity of metal roofing can be maximized by 82 percent by putting on a light-colored coating. But comparatively, both coated and uncoated custom metal roofing is still more reflective than the asphalt shingles.

  1. Can I put Solar Panels on my metal roof?

Metal roofing allows you to set up the solar panels without having to penetrate the system in some attachments. Having a metal roof that is energy efficient and also allows you to produce energy from solar panels makes your house an overall contributor in being eco-friendly and sustainable with decreasing carbon footprint. Solar panels can be installed in no extra effort into the metal roofing and can be used for their maximum efficiency. The solar heat will convert into energy for your house and you will be saving the traditional electricity by leaps and bounds.

  1. Can a metal roof protect my house?

Custom metal roofing is strong and meant to protect your house. If you are living in a place where there are extreme weather conditions than metal roofing helps you a lot. They can protect you from hailing, rainstorms, heavy snow, wind, and also the debris blown by the wind. Houses that do not have strong roofing can get targeted by heavy wind storms and can get affected or damaged.

Metal roofing on the other hand can protect you from winds of 140mph. The interlocking panels make it very hard for winds to uplift the roofs. Hence a reduced chance of water infiltration. On the other hand, metal roofing is fireproof. You get protected from cracking, eroding, and shrinking of the roof. Keep your worries of mound, pests, and mildew growing in your roof at bay as metal roofing is here to save you from all.

  1. Are metal roofs noisy during rain or hail?

This is also common though that metal roofs can get very loud when hit by rain or hailing. This is false baseless. The reality is that custom metal roofing is not installed on the roof directly. There is sheathing in between your house roof and the metal roofing is put over it.

This is to dampen the noise when rain or hailstorms hit your roof. Metal roofs help you have more peaceful interiors because they tend to block any extra noise from the outside. If you are living in a noisy or busy neighborhood than metal roofs are sure to save you from the turmoil of having to be in loud surroundings at all times.

  1. Do have several options while choosing the look of metal roofs?

Metal roofing comes with many options of color, style, and finish. You get to choose whatever of the colors and styles of metal roofing you want your house to have. you need not worry a bit if your metal roofing doesn’t go with those of your neighborhood as you can get color customizations. You can get the same look as traditional roofing due to the customizations available in the metal ones. If you have a fondness for the look of tiles, slate, or shingles then metal roofing can be in these structures as well.

All these styles when made in metal have a sleek appearance. By incorporating metal roofing, you will also be saved from the heavy conventional tiles. Metal is lightweight and so are its shingles and tiles. They are all easy to maintain. You will get better durability and longer life of the wood-like metal roofing.


Custom metal roofing has been a name in the industry for a long while now. But with time they have been made more convenient, fuller of benefits and cost-effective as well. You may choose to get metal roofing for your house and be away with the thought of it being high Maintenance, ugly, or even noisy when it rains. Metal roofing can provide you all the luxuries of traditional roofing and also beyond that. You can enjoy the roofing trends of the present times and worry not a bit of how the metal roofing will appear. Due to the different styles available in metal roofing, you can enjoy the feel of a warm wooden house but also the durability of a strong metallic one.

All these benefits of metal roofing are enjoyed and preferred by many people out there for commercial and residential use. But a point to be noted is that you can have the most advantage of having metal roofing by getting it installed by professionals. If you will get it done by non-professionals then you might have to suffer more loss and little gain. According to Deco Facts, many professionals offer the best services of getting you the best metal roofing and allow you to enjoy the most benefits of getting it installed in your house. This will keep you at peace about the quality and durability of the metal roofing.

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