Karachi Water and Sewerage

Karachi Water and Sewerage Board Performance

Being one of the largest city, there are too many problems exists in Karachi. But, water and sewerage are too major issues of Karachiites. From last many years, Karachi Water and Sewerage Board tried their level best to overcome the common problems of peoples. And in their effort the option of KWSB duplicate bill is one through which now a huge strength of users can make sure their record.

In recent restriction, people are widely appreciated this services because everyone want to stay at home. In case if their record is missing or if want to review their history, then through this service one will get everything in hand.

The administrators are still struggling to add more advance features in it through which more users can take benefits.  There are many of advancements that were added in their operation. But, still people numerous of the issues.

Another thing is very clear that there is extra burden on the teams of Water and sewerage board. There is major difference of population compared to their resources.  So, it’s a responsibility of govt that they add more people in their team. As well as provide the best of vehicles and other equipments to the team that they gave better output.

Sewerage Board was more operated their cleanliness operation in those areas which were seized more by the population and its surrounding areas. Yes, thousands of tons of garbage water have been removed or settled during the operation. Most of the time, their vehicles faced difficulty while removing the useless things from transition sites to landfill areas due to blockage of the roads in various areas.

But they always try to clear everything. The citizens are requested to plz cooperate with the department. They can always use their helpline or with the online option, one can get everything.

As the problems between the Water and Sewerage Board and the employees continue it will more badly in the coming time as well. So, in this situation that official will provide them more waste containers in all over the city as per they promise with the employes.

Another same type of services that are offered in Karachi is Kesc duplicate bill. Surely, they are also belong to this city and struggle for the issues of people.

Hopefully, things will better in the future because now few parties are also target this city. So, next votes will depend on the performance. For sure, a healthy competition between the parties will play a role in the betterment of city.

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