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What Type of Animated Video Is Better for Your Business?

Animated videos don’t mean only child amusement anymore; animation of all types has taken the business world by a storm, offering multiple monetization and brand loyalty-building strategies. Thus, every self-respecting business entity wishing to create a brand style and engage the target audience with its products and services can embrace the power of well-designed, business-oriented video content. Still, the animation sector is versatile, and you need to choose the type of an animated video for your unique business purpose first. Here we’ll guide you through the spectrum of available video formats for businesses and will recommend some tips for choosing an appropriate format.

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Animated Video for Business: Key Benefits

So, why do you need videos as a supplement to your digital marketing strategy? Oberlo’s research findings suggest that 85% of Americans consume video content primarily, while 54% of them demand more helpful content in the video format. Besides, videos are much more understandable for the human brain, with people retaining 50-80% more information from your video clips than they would after reading your expert blog. Thus, the business benefits are numerous and can be summarized as follows:

  • A boost to your digital marketing strategy
  • Better customer engagement with your products and services
  • Clear brand identity and style enhanced with visually appealing videos
  • Improved SEO efforts

To reap all these benefits, you need to determine your business goals and choose one of the popular animation styles that will serve those goals ideally.

What Animation Styles to Choose From?

Here is the complete list of types and styles you can choose from.

2D Animation

2D animation, though seemingly outdated, is still a powerful tool for business video animation. It is trendy among businesses of all types and scales. 2D animated characters and backgrounds enable an endless spectrum of experimentation opportunities, giving your business a voice. Besides, 2D animation is much more affordable and takes less time to create than 2.5D and 3D alternatives.

2.5D Animation

The name “2.5D animation” stems from the combination of 2D and 3D techniques for video production. In fact, this animation type only mimics a 3D environment with the help of professional object layering. Such videos look sleek and professional, increasing customers’ trust in your business, while the cost of their production is much lower than for 3D clips.

3D Animation

When we talk about 3D animation, we think about globally known movies like Toy Story or WALL-E. The essence of using 3D characters in your videos is making them look more realistic and livelier due to their 3-dimensional proportions and movement.

Motion Graphics

This style includes numerous animated objects moving on the screen, grouping, and transforming as you unwind the story behind your product or business. Motion graphic videos are praised for simplicity and superior content delivery, making even complex technical concepts clear and understandable for the laypersons. Besides, they are dynamic and visually appealing, making your outreach to the target audience more efficient.


We all remember the study times when the teacher introduced us to new concepts and wrote something on the whiteboard. Whiteboard business videos generally create the same educational momentum, making the viewers more focused and attentive. This animation style is minimalistic and informative, giving you a powerful tool for explaining some core terms, processes, and concepts.

Stop Motion

Some businesses opt for the stop motion kind of animation, which they regard as the most informative way to deliver vital business information to the public. Indeed, stop motion videos are very appealing; they look professional and engage the audience effectively. Still, they are quite expensive in production, with some unexpected challenges and mistakes hard to correct halfway through the video creation process.

Talking Head/ Live-Action

The videos featuring vital people in your organization – such as its CEO or the head engineer talking about your products’ innovation and business value – are an evergreen type of business video sure to instill trust in the viewers. Getting acquainted with the key persons in the company and sneaking a peek into the internal processes contributes to customer loyalty.

Ready for a Boost to Your Business Outreach?

Hopefully, with this arsenal of animation styles and approaches, you’re now better positioned to boost your marketing strategy and reach out to your target audience with more valuable content. If you have no in-house team of animation and video production professionals, find an expert studio and determine the price for an animated video for your business. The investment will quickly pay off with new leads and higher customer loyalty.

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