Asbestos Removal Victoria — Let us debunk the common myths about asbestos!

Let us debunk the common myths about asbestos!

We all know that asbestos is a very dangerous substance that can lead to many hazards to the human body. Just as the danger is so obvious, even the misconceptions about it are pretty rampant. And if we are assuming right, then even you believe in some of those myths. And these myths don’t only keep you ignorant about the dangers of asbestos, but you may also be suffering because of some of its ill effects that can eventually prove really hazardous to you and your family. So today, let’s debunk some important myths about asbestos.

Ø  Don’t ever believe these myths about asbestos!

Famously known as silent killer, asbestos can be easily found in any of the locations around you. And most prominently, this material exists in old houses that were built some decades back. So, if you’re residing in one of them or your child goes to a school that was built in the early years, then there is a very high possibility that you all are open to the dangers of asbestos. But of course, preparing against the same won’t be possible without debunking some of the very common myths that people have enveloped it with. So, read about the list of the misconceptions about asbestos that may be hindering your defences against this dangerous material.

o   Asbestos is illegal everywhere— It is true that the dangers of asbestos have come out in the open and most of the countries have banned this material in their manufacturing items. But this doesn’t mean that the entire world has boycotted it. You’ll still find this substance in some of the talcum powders, cosmetics, and even wirings in some parts of the world where using it is absolutely legal.

o   Your new property doesn’t have asbestos— It’s a common myth that newer properties do not have asbestos in them. But this isn’t the complete truth! 1% of asbestos presence is allowed in almost all construction sites. So no matter when you built your home, asbestos is still very much a part of it.

o   You have to remove asbestos the moment you spot it — Don’t just believe anything that is thrown your way. If the asbestos in your home isn’t damaged or destroyed, then removing it is totally not required. And sometimes, even encapsulation of the same is recommended rather than going for the total removal.

o   You can remove asbestos safely by wearing a mask — You’ll see a lot of people trying to remove asbestos from their property by wearing a mask. But first of all, removing asbestos on your own is absolutely a no-no. For that task you’ll require experts in asbestos removal in Victoria, Asbestos Australia has a team of experts who are totally trustworthy and reliable professionals and can carry out the task for you safely. And secondly, just wearing a mask won’t protect you from the asbestos in the air. You require more precautions to stay safe which isn’t recommended to be handled on your own. It is not without reason that experts come with training, expertise, and experience.

Well, these are just a handful of unnecessary facts or myths about asbestos that you’ll find. But there are more, like — you find asbestos only in the windows or shingles (while these can be present in your day to day usage items as well) and that you can get rid of asbestos from your body quickly (on the contrary, it takes quite a long time to get it out of your system), etc. The wisest thing you can do here is always check the facts about the same twice before believing it totally.

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