Best Link-Building Strategies To Get Higher Rankings

Best Link-Building Strategies To Get Higher Rankings

It’s not enough just to create a website with high-quality content – you also need to promote it in search engines. Even if your pages contain useful and interesting information, your website doesn’t have technical issues, it is fast and interesting, how much benefit will it be if no one reads it? Website promotion helps everyone who has chosen the Internet as a means of generating income: owners of online stores and information portals, bloggers, and many others.

To promote the site, it is necessary to perform a whole range of works, paying attention to every aspect of this procedure. Long ago it was enough to buy links or use other relatively simple methods, but modern search engines have become much smarter. It is quite difficult to promote a site on your own, because you have to pay attention to many nuances.

External SEO marketing is as essential as on-page SEO – it helps to make your domain more authoritative and trustworthy for search engines and get higher SERPs. This will happen when other well-known sites give the search engine a signal that your site has the best content on a particular topic.The more well-known resources on the Internet related to your niche link to your site the better. Technically speaking, this is called link-building.

Naturally, this does not happen automatically. You need to post high quality content on your website and share it with interested people on various internet marketing platforms.

The main tips on how to get quality links to your website:

  1. Development of quality content. Developing quality content is the surest way to get links organically. For example, you write a guide on the best ways to learn a foreign languagewhere you mention a number of other language learning articles and provide links to them. It is just a way to share some useful information with other people. Why? Because the content of these articles is excellent and very detailed. Perhaps your guide will also get some links from journalists who write on your topics.
  2. Guest blogging. There are blogs that publish extremely unique and informative posts. They will link to your site if you authorize them to post their content on their platforms. But you have to work hard to get approval and favorable reviews from such blogs. The most important thing is to find authoritative blogs in your niche with influencers who are interested in what you do. Guest blogging can help you improve your rankings. Again, content quality is critical in guest blogging.
  3. Writing comments and creating profiles. This is a very easy way to get links. Visit free blogs related to your niche, read articles and write comments, for example, check if something is not entirely clear. Treat this wisely, otherwise search engines can start considering your website a spam.
  4. Get a couple of links from extremely reputable resources. For this you may need to find editors and journalists in your niche, who write for Forbes, New Yorker, etc. Send them your pitch asking for cooperation. If you’ll manage to get the link from such resources, it will be very good for the reputation of your website.
  5. Social bookmarks. Do you have an extensive social network? If so, that’s just fine. Mention your site on social media profiles. This is called social bookmarking. A great way to get links.

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