Italian Cherry Tomatoes

Delicious Dishes You can Cook with Italian Cherry Tomatoes

Did you know cherry tomatoes are as nutritious as the traditional beefsteak tomatoes? They are the miniature version of big tomatoes but are surprisingly more delicious to use in the dishes. There is a lot you can cook from cherry tomatoes. There are a wide range and color of cherry tomatoes you will find; the tomatoes during the season are the best. They are firm, thin, and soft. They have a perfectly balanced flavor of sweet and tart. Their variety is based on how they grow, where they are harvested, and their season. Among the existing large type, the Italian cherry tomatoes have the most decadent flavor. Italian tomatoes are famous all around the world for their sweetness and unforgettable taste. Italy reminds us of its signature dish- pasta and they taste the best when you make them using cherry tomato puree. But there is much more than you can cook the little tomatoes. Read on to know some great recipes and the facts about Italian cherry tomatoes.

Most people grow their tomatoes in their own garden and cook dishes with fresh and ripe tomatoes. Garden fresh cherry tomatoes are the best for use at home. You can make the fresh tomato puree out of them or choose to make pasta topping and much more. There is a lot you can do at home with your garden-fresh cherry tomatoes. It would be best if you preferred to grow them during peak summers because, during that time, the tomatoes have the best of their flavor. However, if you do not have your garden, you can buy canned cherry tomatoes from an online store. They are high in fiber and Vitamin C that make you feel fuller and are a healthy ingredient to have in your food. Additionally, they are rich in other nutritional vitamins and minerals like Vitamin B-6, which helps metabolize protein in your body and supports brain function and cognitive development. They also contain Vitamin A, which allows your body to produce white blood cells and keeps your heart, kidneys, and lungs healthy.

You can find a lot of online stores out there where you can purchase cherry tomatoes. As there is a wide variety available out there, you need to look for the specific Italian cherry tomatoes specifically. Buy cherry tomatoes online and get yourself ready to cook a lot of dishes out of it. Make sure you buy from the best brand, and the quality is good. Only good quality cherry tomatoes can give a rich taste to your dishes. The foremost thing everybody cooks using these tomatoes is the tomato puree. You can prepare it at home and can store it for a few days. Use it as a sauce or a side dish. You can also have it with bread or rice.

Here is how you can make it:

Take a large skillet and heat the olive oil over medium heat. Now add garlic and saute it for about a minute. When you start getting the fragrance, you can proceed to the next step. Now add salt, pepper, sugar, and peeled cherry tomatoes into it. The tomatoes will soon get soft; mash them with a spatula or a fork to form a chunky, rustic sauce. Cook it for about five to six minutes. Serve the sauce with sprinkled torn basil.

By making the tomato puree, it does half of your work to cook pasta with tomato sauce. When your tomato sauce is ready, cook pasta in a pot of boiling water. Keep occasionally stirring until the pasta is thoroughly boiled. Toss pasta with the prepared tomato sauce and basil. Top it with Parmesan and serve hot! Get to enjoy this mouthwatering treat using ripped and fresh Italian cherry tomatoes.

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