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Don’t Let the Weather Be a Torment: Choose the Right Pop-Up Gazebo & Marquee for Your Outdoor Event

Love for the great outdoors is a big part of the Aussie cultural identity. The vast expanses and distinctive wilderness of our country acts like a constant beckoning that keeps us alive and kicking. The climate here, however, does not always complement the outdoorsy spirit in us.

To make sure you don’t have to bail on your plans just because the weather takes a bad turn, we have the perfect solution – pop-up gazebos and Marquee Hire South Yorkshire. Adding a shelter is always a better idea when you’re planning an outdoor event or just a day under the open sky. Although any gazebo can provide you with an overhead shelter, we recommend a pop-up marquee. They are more user-friendly and portable as compared to traditional garden gazebos. 

A pop up gazebo comes in many options. Also, there are a few key things that you need to take care of which can make buying a pop up marquee a tedious task. Don’t worry! We have prepared a guide to get you all the information at one place. 

In this guide, we have answered five important questions to help you choose the best pop up marquee or gazebo.

So let us begin…

Q1 – Why Choose Pop Up Gazebos Instead of Garden Gazebos?

Before we answer this question, it is important to first know about gazebos and marquees in general. Generally speaking, gazebos or marquees are structures with a roof that provides shelter. They are different mainly in terms of size. In other words, a marquee is simply a gazebo which is bigger in size. Marquees are, therefore, also used for large-scale events. However, these are not usually included in the pop-up category.

Moving on to, why it is preferable to purchase a pop up gazebo or marquee rather than a garden gazebo?

A garden gazebo consists of multiple poles which are joined together and covered with a canopy to make a structure, making its set up a difficult and time-consuming process. 

On the other hand, a pop up marquee structure is designed to be connected through hinges, which can be folded together. The installation setup simply requires unfolding it. Some pop-up gazebos also have canopies attached to the frame which makes this process even swifter.

Q2 – What are the Benefits of Buying a Pop Up Marquee?

Apart from providing shade and protection from the elements, there are other advantages of purchasing a pop up gazebo or marquee. These include benefits for both recreational as well as business uses. 

For Recreational Use For Business Use
High-quality and strong pop up gazebos can be used under various weather conditions whether it is summer, winter or the rainy season. Business needs are always more urgent and cannot be risked because of weather. Using pop up marquees for your outdoor business event would, therefore, be a safer option.
Pop up marquees can be used for graduations, weddings, garden parties, backyard BBQs and other recreational events. Pop up gazebos can be used for trade shows and exhibition booths, market stalls, informational kiosks, and other business applications.
They can also be used in multiple landscapes. For instance, a medium-sized and portable pop up marquee can be used as a part of your patio set up as well as a beach shelter. They can be customised with your logo and business information. Printed gazebos are also promotional products, which can be utilised as part of your larger marketing strategy.
Lightweight design along with a quick and easy installation mechanism makes it a convenient choice for users. Easy assembling options ensure that you get more time to focus on sales and promotions during an event.


Q3 – How Much Would a Pop Up Marquee Cost?

Pop up marquees are available across a wide range of options. The cost of the product would ultimately depend on your requirement as well as aesthetic preferences. , however, if you are planning to purchase a pop up gazebo for your business, we recommend you to opt for heavy-duty or commercial range folding marquees. 

Q4 – What Features to Look for in a Pop Up Gazebo?

 In order to get the best pop up marquee that perfectly fits your need, there are certain features that you should consider before purchasing any product. We have listed them below –

1. Frame material and design

Since pop up gazebos are primarily designed to be portable, their frames are often made of aluminium or powder-coated steel. Look for these materials as they make the marquees strong and durable. You should also check things like foot plates, truss bars, and connectors. 

2. Fabric quality

UV protection and waterproofing are the two most significant features to consider while finalising your gazebo. Pop up gazebos are available in a variety of fabrics, which vary in terms of quality and durability. Some of the most commonly used fabrics include 100% PVC, PU coated polyester, and PVC coated polyester.

3. Accessories

One of the reasons we recommend our readers to buy pop up gazebos only from reputable brands is the availability of accessories. It makes more sense   invest in a product which can be later modified or enhanced with related accessories. For example, if you bought a pop-up marquee for summers, you can later add sidewalls for extra protection or a groundsheet to pack your gazebo and make it ready for winter use as well. 

4. Customisations – 

This feature is optional if you’re purchasing a pop up gazebo for recreational use. However, if you are buying one for your business, it is better to look for retailers that offer customisation options. As mentioned before, a printed marquee can be used as a part of your promotional strategy to stand out at any event and attract more prospective clients. 

Q5 – What Other Steps Should I Follow to Purchase the Best Pop-Up Gazebo?

Once you have understood the types, benefits and features of pop up gazebos and pop up marquees, you can finish the process in just four simple steps.

Step 1: Determine the Size

The size of the pop up gazebo would depend on the total area that you need to cover or the number of people or items you need to fit in. 

Step 2: Know the Frequency of Use

The choice between recreational, heavy-duty or commercial pop up marquee would also vary based on how frequently you are planning to use your marquee 

Step 3: Look for Extra Deals and Packages

Along with warranty and additional services, premium brands also offer promotional deals on their products. Moreover, if you are buying a product for business purposes, you must also look for customisation packages with printed gazebos, banners, flags and other products.

Step 4: Speak to a Manufacturer

Before making the final purchase, it is always better to speak to a manufacturer as they can help you determine what best suits your requirement. 


A pop up gazebo is a multipurpose product which can be used for various outdoor shading applications. We hope that this guide helps you simplify the process of choosing a pop up marquee!

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