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How Broadcasting Your Event Can Help You in Business

According to Hubspot, 52% of global marketers now believe that video content offers the highest ROI on any given platform.  It allows your business a competitive edge over other brands and instantly puts your products and services in the limelight. Broadcasting is one of the best video content strategies. It comes with certain time limitations and draws immediate attention from your target audience. The fact that most social media platforms offer special notifications for broadcasting or live events further adds to the value that this practice can offer your business.

If you’re wondering whether to broadcast your next business event with event planners in Sydney, here are a few benefits to consider. Let’s have a look!

How Broadcasting Can Benefit Your Business

Maximize Your Reach

A 2020 report conducted by Bizzabo proves that over 80.2% of event organizers were able to use broadcasting to maximize their reach. This has led 90% of marketers worldwide to plan to invest more time, energy, and capital into live-streaming their events in the future.

As a business owner, you want to make sure your brand constantly attracts the right kind of attention from your targeted demographic. Broadcasting your events is one of the best ways to do this! It will help you increase your reach and garner the attention of a larger audience base. You can quickly convert this audience into leads for your business. Moreover, using an optimized sales funnel, you can even turn these leads into conversions and sales to increase your business revenue!

P.S. Since the event will already ensure that your audience has a basic understanding of your brand, the products and services you offer, and why you are the better choice, they will be much easier to convert.

Increased Physical Attendance for Future Events

Did you know that inviting people to attend a broadcasted event can easily lead to them physically attending in the following years? Yes, you read it right!

If your business is struggling to attract the right kind of audience to its events, broadcasting is an excellent way to remedy this issue. The live stream will showcase all that your business event has to offer without your target audience need to travel or spend too much money. Once they realize the value and worth of your events, they will be more likely to sign up for physical attendance the next time you host an event.

Improve Your ROI

The fact that 82% of people are more interested in watching live videos than reading posts or any other form of content proves the power that broadcasting holds. Live streaming is a unique form of content that often evokes feelings of FOMO. Since it is held at a particular time and allows people to interact or engage in real-time, your audience is more likely to be active and not want to miss out on it.

Sure, people can view your live-streamed events at a later time as well. However, your audience realizes that they won’t be getting the full experience of the event later on. Therefore, they are more likely to tune in and attend with full focus. Some streaming platforms have a custom live streaming solution that allows you to create a customized live streaming experience. The more people who sign up to attend your live broadcasting, the better your ROI for the event!

Reduced Costs

Business owners often think that the cost of broadcasting and video production for a live event isn’t worth it. What they don’t realize is that they can reduce total event costs through live streaming!

If your event is an orientation, a training program, or even an internal speaker session, you can easily accommodate all of your employees through broadcasting. Everyone will receive the same training and knowledge at the same time. It can do wonders to cut down costs for your business.

Similarly, if you’re hosting any other type of live event, you can save up hundreds of dollars in logistics, travel expenses, venue costs, and security. Your business will be able to throw a bigger event with the ability to accommodate a larger audience within the same budget. Reduced costs can easily be translated into increased revenue. The money, time, and other resources you save by broadcasting your event can be used to promote your products and generate leads that convert.

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