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How do professionals clean couches?

No lounge space is complete without a couch, but when your couch starts to show signs of wear it can become less and less welcoming. Couches cost a lot of money, so it’s not always a smart financial decision to upgrade your couch when it’s looking a little sad, yet fortunately there is a more affordable solution.

Professional couch cleaning can refresh and revitalise your couch, breathing in a new lease of life without blowing your budget. Expert couch cleaners have the skill and experience that’s required to help your couch reach its former glory, busting through stains, dirt and many other nasties to make sure you can relax and unwind with ultimate peace of mind.

How do Professionals Clean Couches?

The process of having a professional clean your couch is one that is thought out and detailed, as every little feature matters when standards are high.

Before you start –

In order to make sure your couch cleaner is as professional as they say they are, it’s a good idea to check out a few different features beforehand. First off, ask which kind of equipment that they are using so that you can verify whether they match up to the industry standard. Secondly, request pictures of previous projects to see what their skills are like when implemented in real life. Next, make sure the professional couch cleaner that you hire has the right qualifications and certificates to complete your project in the safest manner without any risks that would arise due to a lack of training. And finally, always seek out a couch cleaner who has full coverage insurance to stay protected throughout the service.

The couch cleaning process –

Many different steps are taken when a professional cleans your couch, and this will depend totally on the current condition of your coach as well as the material that it is made out of. It’s more likely that you will get in touch with a professional sofa cleaner if you have a fabric sofa as the material is porous and prone to staining, whereas materials such as leather are easy to clean using DIY methods. The process to professionally clean a fabric sofa is:

Step 1.) A thorough inspection is performed to assess and identify the equipment and solutions that are required to bring your couch back to life.

Step 2.) Your professional couch cleaner will begin vacuuming the couch in order to prepare the upholstery surface for the main cleaning stage.

Step 3.) Highly soiled or stained areas are pre-spotted with the necessary formulas to get to work removing grime.

Step 4.) The couch is shampooed using a specially made solution that breaks down dirt without the use of heavy chemicals.

Step 5.) A steam cleaning machine is used to rinse out the shampoo and any other cleaning formulas from your couch, leaving a refreshed and revitalised couch.

Step 6.) Most good professional couch cleaners follow up with a deodorization stage so that your couch can take on a nice scent, which is extremely beneficial in properties that are home to young children and pets.

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