Vehicle Disc Brakes

How To Maintain Your Vehicle Disc Brakes Properly?

Brake service is one of the most common repairs that mechanics need to perform almost daily. Even though brake replacement or service is important during the life cycle of a vehicle, there are also numerous ways through which you can prolong the life of your car’s brakes. This will make you take fewer visits to your local car mechanic.

Keeping that in mind, we are sharing some of the major ways through which you can properly maintain your vehicle disc brakes and thereby enhance its overall shelf life – with the help of a mobile mechanic in Sydney.

How Do Disc Brakes Work?

Before we discuss how to maintain your disc brakes, it’s crucial to know the working first. In a typical vehicle, the brakes consist of multiple different components that all work together to stop whenever you need your vehicle to. The braking system consists of the master cylinder, pedal, pistons, pads, metal rube, rotors, flexible hoses and so on. Moreover, some modern cars out there nowadays alert the driver regarding the wear on the brakes or when it works with the vehicle’s ABS (Anti-Braking System).

When the driver presses the pedal on the vehicle, the brakes start to immediately engage. The hydraulic fluid inside the brake lines pressurises and engages the pistons, which then push the brake pads against the disc rotors. Once you take your foot off the pedal, the hydraulic pressure comes back to normal and thereby you can enjoy a smooth ride again.

Ways To Take Care Of Your Disc Brakes

  • You Shouldn’t Slam Your Brakes

It should be realised that brakes are provided inside a vehicle so that you can drive safely. There will be times such as before collisions where sudden braking is indeed unavoidable. But, at other times, whenever possible – you should always press on the brake pedal lightly and thereby come to a rolling stop.

Braking your vehicle abruptly all the time can lead to your disc brakes warp. Such a process not only increases the wear & tear on the other components of the vehicle’s braking system but also affects the overall driving performance & comfortability.

  • Knowing The Significance Of Brake Fluid

Brake fluid plays a major part in ensuring that your car comes to a halt. However, you should know that brake fluids don’t last forever and therefore need to be replaced or replenished. You might think that opting for premium brake fluid will solve such an issue, but in reality, keeping a clean brake fluid is all that matters.

Most drivers prefer to keep their brake fluids clean rather than opting for something premium. Premium brake fluids are made for track driving or any other special driving conditions, where an ordinary vehicle will not be benefits.

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