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How to Sell on Amazon? The Comprehensive Guide for 2021

Is your local business not generating as many sales as you expected?

Or are your products unable to get the limelight they deserve despite being great enough in terms of quality?

If this is the case, you are definitely not alone, my friend. In this article, I will tell you exactly how you can reach your products to infinite customers using two great facilities provided by none other than Amazon.

Let’s begin.

How to Sell Your Products on Amazon?

As this article is focused on increasing your sales in the most efficient manner possible, the two fulfillment facilities built for sellers are the perfect fit to decrease the hassle and increase the money-inflow in your bank account.

1.      Amazon FBA

Amazon FBA or Fulfilment by Amazon is one of the world’s most reputed models to help independent business owners like you and me in increasing our ROI by supplying our products to the people who actually need them.

The simple concept around FBA is that you need to transport your products to the Amazon FulfilmentCanter and from there on, Amazon will take care of your products.

Be it storing, packaging, handling grievances, or solving your customer’s queries around the product, Amazon will do it all without disturbing you at all.

In exchange, they charge a small percentage of the fee whenever your product gets sold through them.

This is quite great if you have no time to run your business and want some trusted party to handle it for you. No one can take care of your business better than Amazon, I guess.

Instead of selling your products to limited people offline, Amazon FBA is the most phenomenal way to reach numerous potential customers that need your products to solve their pain points.

2.      Amazon FBM

Besides FBA, Amazon FBM is another great way to scale your offline business the right way.

Unlike FBA, FBM or Fulfilment by Merchant is a facility by Amazon where sellers like you and me can create our Amazon Seller account and start selling our products on Amazon.

So, how is this different from Amazon FBA?

In FBM, sellers are responsible for everything including fulfilling orders, shipping, and customer service, and handling the returns. Here, the seller is totally responsible for delivering the product to the customer’s desired doorstep, as well.

Here, the only role of Amazon is to showcase the seller’s products on their platform and promote it to the right audience. Like FBA, Amazon will keep a small fee per order on FBM. However, the fee will be much lesser compared to FBA as a large amount of work is done by you in FBM.

This method is great if you have products in small quantities and are unique in nature. Because the quantity will be less, the orders will be less, and hence, you will be able to handle and fulfill the deliveries without delays.

In a nutshell, the above two methods are the best ways to showcase your products to thousands if not lakhs without showing any marketing efforts from your side.

You may have one critical question: “which method should you choose between FBA and FBM”?

In my opinion and as the facts suggest, use FBA if you do not want to give all the time into your business. Let Amazon handle your worries, in this case.

But if you want total control over your business and its operations, then FBM is a way to go for you.

Either way, both methods have their pros and cons and both methods have helped millions of sellers around the world by uniting them with potential buyers across the globe and growing their sales significantly.

If you have a product and want to sell it online, the above two methods are the proven ones to set you off on a good path.

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