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Keep these essentials in your life for healthy teeth

All of us have been thinking up till now that brushing regularly once or twice a day is the only and the most effective way to keep our teeth protected against the formation of biofilm and plaque. However, it is a misconception. There is so much that goes into taking care of teeth and gums. We have introduced some essentials that you can add to your life and incorporate better oral hygiene.

  1. Brush your tongue:

Most of us did not ever consider brushing our tongue because we thought brushing is just for teeth. Remember that it is not possible to attain oral hygiene unless you keep your tongue clean. So, make a habit of brushing your tongue whenever you brush your teeth. Our tongue is a soft area that does not need to be treated harshly. So, brush it gently. You are recommended to buy a brush of a high-quality. A flossing pan should also be used along with a brush

  1. Quit smoking:

Smokers usually think that they can get away with bad breath and unhealthy teeth just by brushing twice a day with continuous smoking. They don’t realize that they cannot prevent the damage that smoking brings to the table. Tobacco especially when chewed can be a perilous element for the mouth because causes damage to the tissues in the mouth. Most smokers also face the problem of teeth staining due to smoking regularly. So, remove taking tobacco from your life in any form and see the difference.

  1. Take care of your overall health:

We know that our all body parts are interconnected and we are needed to take care of all of them to maintain good health. You might be practicing many essentials of oral care in your life but still, you are vulnerable to many problems because of other medical conditions. For example, if you add too much sugar to your diet, it can lead to uncontrollable growth of fungus in the mouth that results in white patches in the mouth cavity and on the tongue, sores, and swelling. Similarly, people with diabetes need to keep their disease in control because gums become unhealthy when sugar is not kept in check

  1. Pay a visit to your dentist once a year:

 Your teeth need to be inspected by your dentist at least once a year. If you feel that your teeth are healthy, you must see your dentist. There are some problems with the teeth that are unavoidable such as teeth staining or building up of tarter. These problems can be treated by getting scaling done. Some dental care spas improve the look and health of your teeth with the use of professional dental cleaning equipment.

  1. Add fluoride:

Fluoride is very important for better teeth to help. You should use fluoridated water and toothpaste with fluoride to fulfil the needs of your teeth.

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