Pros And Cons Of An Open Concept Interior Design

Anyone who has been in the interior design business or anyone who watches home-design TV programs knows that the most trending design since the last few years is an open concept floor design. The main features of this design is one big shared room that is achieved by tearing down wall partitions between the kitchen, dining room and living room. People have been going crazy with this design when designing their new homes as well as while renovating their old ones. While separate rooms have their own charm, open plan rooms offer you with a different kind of functionality and space.

Whether you are a homeowner looking for inspiration for your home design or already in the process of renovating your home, one way you can completely transform your home is by implementing an open concept design. But before you make a decision on whether or not you want an open concept design, it is a good idea to consider all its pros and cons so you can decide whether it will work for you or not.

Pros Of An Open Concept Interior Design

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Pros Of An Open Concept Interior Design

Some of the advantages of an open concept kitchen are discussed below:

Make A Small Space Appear Larger

When there are no walls, even the smallest areas can appear quite spacious as all the rooms’ parts flow into each other to create a larger floor. Of course, you still separate small areas in the larger space but the overall effect is that of a much larger, spacious room.

The Whole Beauty Is On Display

Having one large room gives you the opportunity to display the whole beauty of the house without any walls or barriers to block the view. You can create stunning decor and anyone who enters the house will be awe-stricken by the whole beauty of the house on display.

Never Miss Out On Family Gatherings And Conversations

Whoever is responsible for cooking meals for the family is often left isolated in the kitchen as he/she prepares the food whereas other members of the family spend time with each other in the living room. That person often misses out on fun family times and conversations. However, in the case of an open concept design, you can be together with your family as you prepare their meals.

More Convenient During Parties And Events

An open concept house is very convenient during parties and events where you can easily serve the guests and be in their company as you prepare the food and meals. Otherwise, you spend most of the time in the kitchen while the guests are in the living room.

Make More Use From The Whole Space

Often there are spaces in a normal house which are very less utilized for example the drawing room or study room where anyone seldom goes. When you already have a small house, it can be painful to see that precious space being underutilized. An open floor plan offers a genius solution to this problem since with no walls, the whole area is wide open for use.

Cons Of An Open Concept Interior Design

There are certain disadvantages of an open concept plan which are discussed below:

Lack Of Privacy

One of the biggest disadvantages of an open concept plan is that there is no privacy in that large room. For example, sometimes cooking can be the thing which allows you to have a peace of mind while the kids wreak havoc in the living room. In an open concept design, everyone in the family is always together and you have to bear with all the noise and mess.

Difficult To Contain The Mess

In a normal partitioned house, you can quickly tidy up the living room and leave the other rooms for later if you have less time, for example when a guest shows up unexpectedly. However, in an open concept design, the large room is not clean unless each and every corner of the room is tidied up. Hence, it is very difficult to contain the mess in such a design.

Always Have To Keep The Kitchen Clean

Let’s face it, a kitchen is a place which is bound to get messy time and again throughout the day. In a normal kitchen, usually one doesn’t worry about tidying up the kitchen until the end of the day. But for an open concept kitchen, you cannot leave the kitchen messy as it will make the whole large area appear messy.

Difficult To Achieve A Warm, Cozy Feeling

Whenever you think about a warm and cozy area of the house, it usually features a small nook with comfortable sitting and relaxing light. In a large room, it is very difficult to achieve such a cozy and warm feeling. The open concept area can appear stylish and modern, but trying to achieve a warm or cozy feeling can almost be an impossible task.

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