The Features of Das Keyboard

The Features of Das Keyboard

It is a series of computer keyboards which is sold by Metadot Corporation. It is a software company located in Austin, Texas. Some models of Das keyboards are supposedly to help improve touch typing skills. The current iterations employ mechanical keyswitches are those which are either manufactured by Greetech or Cherry. The Keyboard in German is “die Tastatur” instead of das Tastatur and this thing is worth to note. 

Generations of Das Keyboards

The first iteration of Das Keyboard was released in 2005. It did not feature mechanical key switches. It featured a Model-M-inspired design in addition to the blank keycaps, and individually weighted keypresses it is because some keys are pressed with less force than other keys.

The second iteration of Das keyboard was released in 2006 and was identical to the original in design but introduced mechanical key switches using Cherry MX Blue switches.

The third iteration of Das keyboard was released in 2008, and it was the first to be offered in both Ultimate and Professional versions. The Ultimate version is knows as unlabeled version and Professional version means labeled version. It is USB base keyboard which also offered six-key rollover capability, an internal two-port USB hub and had a glossy surface. Both 105-key and 104-key layouts were offered in this keyboard. This version also contained some problems and became known that key transposition error could occur at high typing speeds. With some systems interoperability issues related with the USB hub and lack of power were also noticed in these keyboards.

Das Keyboard Model S

This model of Das keyboard was introduced in late 2009, and continues to be sold today because Das Keyboard Model S contains revised electronics to address some of the same complaints along with supporting PS/2 operation and media keys. This model is also shipped in both Ultimate and Professional versions. It means both 104-key and 105-key are available with the addition of a labeled Professional Silent model which offer non-clicky but tactile MX brown stem keyswitches. 

Das Keyboard collects best keyboard titles

There is a list of best keyboards of Das through which you can decide that which keyboard is best for you. This list will help readers about what keyboard to buy next for their home office or gaming needs. Das Keyboards earns spots as one of the best overall keyboard for Mac and Gaming  with Cherry MX switches and it is also best keyboard for creative work, also for the productivity.

Business insider keyboard

The best mechanical keyboards in the insider guide, we see the editors of BI show love once again to Das Keyboards. Das Keyboard 4 Professional is as the best Mac keyboard as well as it is taking the title for the best overall keyboard. 


iMore has published in the list of top keyboards for Mac. It is the Best Mechanical Keyboard for Mac. Many purists have stayed with Magic keyboard of Apple or other chiclet style keyboard but Mac users have been adopting mechanical keyboards more frequently as more models of Das Keyboards for Mac are available. The Das Keyboard 4 Professional is in the list of best Mac keyboard by iMore.The Keyboard 4 Professional of Das Keyboard gives you a choice between Blue or Cherry MX Brown which depends on how loud you like your keyboard. This keyboard also has dedicated media controls such as oversized volume knob as ell as a number pad. For ultra-productivity folks, the two USB 3.0 ports make it perfect.


In the list of PCMag of their top 11 picks for the best Mechanical Keyboards, the 4C TKL of Das Keyboard also ranked as the best for Minimalism Fans and Space-Strapped Enthusiasts or Gamers. The 4C TKL model of Das Keyboard has become popular with today’s space saving needs with more makeshift workstation sprouting up as a student and also work from home Professional search for a suitable location.

digitaltrends is a digital and tech powerhouse has released the list of the best keyboards for the year.They have included the Das Keyboard Prime 13 as the best Mechanical Keyboard. They select the backlit model for different like gaming and typing for its aesthetic and solid experience.

IGN listed the 4C TKL which is the model of Das Keyboard, as the best high-end keyboard. It is an ultimate keyboard for gaming, typing and more. Das Keyboard released a limited batch of the 4C TKL compact keyboard in 2019 and it made its full production early in the 2020 which shows that it has become a growing favourite amongst those that value more desk space.

Heavy which is more known as a news and lifestyle site. It has recently become a larger force in the technology and gaming space. show their list of 11 best Cherry MX Blue Keyboards and they selected the Das Keyboard 4 Professional to the top of their list. This model of Das Keyboard is a high-end mechanical keyboard which offers all the whistles and the bells you would expect from a gaming keyboard.


TechRadar also show Das Keyboard in to their list for some time. The backlit Prime 13 is in the list of top 10 best keyboard by techradar. Das Keyboard Prime 13 features a solid aluminium top pannel and has a very minimalistic look. With MX Brown and Red switches of Cherry under the keycaps, you are given a choice between linear and non-linear which offers a range of actuation points. It is not the most affordable keyboard in this list. Das Keyboard are also for those who are looking for something a little bit more premium. has most popular topic on gaming keyboards. The best gaming keyboards is a hot topic for the readers of We see the Das Keyboard X50Q is at the top of the list issued by the which shows that it is the best gaming keyboard. Das Keyboard is in our opinion with a premium build, stunning and a high-grade Gamma Zulu mechanical switches which are made by Japanese make Omron. The best gaming keyboard in the world.

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