The top heavenly islands of 2021 you need to visit on a budget using booking promo code

Do you want to go on a dream trip to a heavenly destination? Do you want to play Robinson Crusoe on a (more or less) deserted island, and enjoy the blue sky, fine sand and turquoise water? Have you been waiting so long for such a trip? This article is made for you, it has all the answers you need to make of your next trip the best trip of your lifetime, and to make it even more affordable, I am going to show you a trick using website, just keep reading till the end !

The year of 2020 and 2021 have been the worst to many people all around the globe, including those who travel a lot and enjoy discovering new places, no one was able to travel during this covid 19 pandemic, but thanks God we are close to the end of this tragedy and life is going back to normal, many countries are easing lockdown and opening borders for visitors, this is the moment many people were waiting for, especially those living in UAE and Saudi Arabia, since they struggle with the heat this summer, especially that this year is considered as one of the hottest in history!

The problem is that heavenly destinations are often expensive. Except that, personally, I wanted to offer myself dream destinations without having to sell a kidney on the Bangkok black market. So I did my little research, and I have put together all of the heavenly and relatively affordable destinations for you, below.

Southeast Asia: the paradise of paradisiacal islands at a lower cost !

If you want to visit paradise islands and are on a tight budget, then South East Asia is definitely the right place to be. Here are some ideas for a cheap paradise vacation.

Perhentian Islands, Malaysia

Let’s stay in Southeast Asia, and this time take the direction of Malaysia, a few hundred kilometers further south.

There are two main islands: Kecil and Besar. The first, the smaller of the two, is also the more alive. If you want a spot to enjoy marine activities during the day and go out or even party at night, this is ideal. Besar on the other hand is quieter, more suitable if you are looking for tranquility in a heavenly corner.

The Perhentians Islands are particularly famous for snorkelling: its seabed is absolutely superb: barely you have stepped into the water (well, with a snorkel ), than you will discover fish of all colors and corals with absolutely unique pearls.

In terms of budget, the cost of living in Perhentians is a tad higher than in the rest of Malaysia (at least mainland Malaysia). It’s logical since you are in a heavenly and touristic spot, so obviously you pay the price. Especially since there are not that many accommodation offers, and in the high season, tourists flock.

But don’t worry, it’s still very cheap compared to other islands. You can have a full week on either of these islands for € 200 all inclusive (food & accommodation). And if you use booking promo codes it will get even cheaper! Great hah ?

Koh Chang, Thailand

Koh Chang is the most easily accessible island paradise in Thailand from Bangkok (at least by road, otherwise the plane to Phuket is very efficient).

The prices are very reasonable there as long as you do not stay in the luxury resorts. There are plenty of guesthouses where you can have a cozy, comfortable room, for frankly not much (around twenty euros per night at most, if you go there in high season).

The advantage of Koh Chang is that there are plenty of things to do while on land. So yes, as everywhere in paradisiacal destinations, you will be able to swim, sip delicious cocktails under the coconut trees, etc. But there, if you have a tad adventurous soul (and I think so, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading my post), there is also the possibility of discovering the interior of the island. The jungle, what. Beautiful waterfalls, lost trails, and plenty of little hidden coves to explore. Top !

The paradisiacal islands of Europe: many advantages but not expensive…

In Europe alone, you can find some really cool islands.

In Sardinia, you will find loads of paradisiacal beaches, where it is good to bask in the sun practically all year round (I was there in February, and I had a swim!). The same goes for Tenerife: in the sun all year round, a Spanish cost of living (so frankly affordable), and a sweetness of life that is no longer found on our good old continent.

Finally, the islands of Croatia will also allow you to enjoy the sun in an enchanting setting without breaking the bank, while exploring absolutely superb old towns and historic villages.

Paradise islands to enjoy the Caribbean without breaking the bank

When we think of “paradise destination”, we immediately imagine the Caribbean, its blue sky, its fine sand, and its coconut palms. And I will not contradict you: the Caribbean is full of magnificent islands, natural treasures, and romantic beaches to perfection for a paradisiacal vacation, between cocktails and swimming in warm and translucent waters.

Here are some ideas for a dream vacation in the Caribbean on a tight budget.

The Pearl Archipelago, Panama

You can go there and spend a week on vacation on the archipelago’s main island, Contadora, to have a good time.It was with Prison Break that I first heard about Panama as a paradise destination. And yes, it dates!

The Pearl Archipelago is about two hours by ferry from the capital, Panama City. If you are on a roadtrip in Central America, this is really the right plan to discover a real little piece of paradise without spending a fortune on accommodation (less than 20 € a night) or food (small restaurants between 5 and 10 € big max the meal).

Important: there is no bank or cash machine on the paradise island of Contadora (nor on the others, for that matter, to my knowledge). Make sure you have a small amount of cash before you arrive, just to be sure you can meet your needs on site (most establishments will accept credit cards, but you can never be too careful!).

Heavenly island of Africa, the must see island !



It is undeniable: the Seychelles are associated with the image of a luxury destination, reserved for wealthy clients or couples on their honeymoon. Which is true, but only in part. The evolution of the tourist offer makes it possible to discover the lowest price. While it would be an exaggeration to claim that it is inexpensive, a trip to Seychelles can nevertheless be considered on a moderate budget.

Half of the Seychelles’ territory is protected in nature reserves, making it possible to observe incredible animal species such as turtles, multicolored fish and tropical birds. But what makes the Seychelles famous are above all the incredible white sand beaches bordered by polished rocks and verdant coconut palms. The water is so transparent there that it seems unreal!

The best time to go is between April and October. It is one of the best destinations ever!

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