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Tips for Choosing the Right Flat Cap

Are you wondering whether you can pull off a flat cap? Well, here are a few ways to make this trend work perfectly for you. Flat caps are actually back in fashion thanks to the popularity they have received recently. Currently, a lot of celebrities wear flat caps. For instance, Samuel L. Jackson is renowned for wearing flat caps on the red carpet and on many other occasions.

Over the years, flat cap styles have come to be known as Peaky Blinders Hats because of the huge popularity of the show and the numerous stylish hats featured on the show. They are trendy accessories that will immediately complement any look you choose. If you are planning to rock a flat cap, you need to start by choosing the right hat for you. Well, here is a good guide to help you choose the right hat size, the best flat cap depending on the shape of your face, the season and much more.

1. The Size

When you choose a flat cap make sure it is not ill-fitting or floppy. You must never buy a flat cap in the wrong size. They are meant to be snuggly so you must always choose the right size when buying one. If possible, use a head measure device to get the right size of a flat cap. Even better, you can look through the available hat sizing options to get a good idea of the various sizes available. If you want to pull off an amazing polished look, choose the right flat cap in the right size.

2. Face Shape

Another thing to consider when choosing a flat cap is the shape of your face. Remember, it all comes down to your personal preferences but of course, you need to take the following factors into consideration. First, you should know that flat caps come in 2 types which are newsboy caps and ivy cap hats. The main difference between these two types of caps is the crown construction.

An ivy cap is actually a true flat cap where the crown is smooth and flat. The crown on this type of flat hat swoops over a short and stiff brim. On the other hand, newsboy flat caps are usually called flat caps. Their crown has a raised 8-panel construction to achieve a larger and fuller look. With that difference in mind, you need to choose a flat cap that matches your face shape.

Look at both types of flat caps and choose the right one for your face. For instance, if you have a larger and obtuse face such as a rectangle, oval or square, you should opt for a sleek and tapered appearance that comes with an ivy cap. On the other hand, if you have a smaller face shape such as a triangle or round, your best choice is a newsboy cap. You can also get a customized cap as per your face shape from Cap Factory.

3. Flat Caps For Each Season

Flat caps, regardless of the type, are very versatile. With there being different colors, styles and materials for flats caps, you can always wear them for any season. You can always match a simple flat cap with your fashion at any time of the year, regardless of the season. Well, when choosing a flat cap, you need to match the material to the rest of your outfit to create a seamless look. If you’re looking for a hat for winter then try these harris tweeds caps made here in Scotland

Don’t forget to consider the season. For instance, during the winter season, you will be wearing heavier materials to stay warm. You should wear a tweed/wool flat cap to match your winter clothes. During the summer months, you should wear a flat cap in cloth or linen material to match your light summer clothes.

a) Choosing The Best Flat Cap For Cold Weather

Are you looking for a great flat cap to wear during the winter season? Well, you can’t go wrong with the Shelby Wool 8 Panel Newsboy Cap. It is a very stylish cap with the best wool construction to keep you warm during the cold months. It comes with a classic grey herringbone design which is an amazing color scheme. It’s a neutral look that can match perfectly with other types of outfits effortlessly.

b) Choosing The Best Flat Cap For Warm Weather

When it is hot outside, you need to consider buying the Clubhouse Ivy Cap created by Walrus Hats. It is breathable and lightweight. It is made out of linen to ensure the most comfortable and cool experience, especially on those humid and balmy days. It is a unisex hat that looks amazing whether worn by a man or woman. It comes in a versatile green and grey plaid design that can be worked at the golf course or at the art gallery effortlessly. Team it up with one of the best flannel jackets we offer for best effect.

How To Wear Your Flat Cap The Right Way

When wearing a flat cap, you need to choose the right one for the weather and season. Choose the right cap depending on these tips and pull off an amazing look!

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