Top 3 Apps for Travelers

Traveling has been a constant part of everyone’s lives and has gone through huge changes thanks to technology. People are relying more and more on technology to manage their travels now, more than ever. When it comes to planning and managing travels, there are several apps that can make the process hassle-free to allow you more time at peace for actually enjoying your cherished moments. Whether you are traveling solo or with family or friends, travel related apps will always come in handy for taking care of various things you may forget or need help with.

Since there could probably be an app for every single thing out there now, here are three best ones that you could either need or enjoy using on your tours and trips. All apps below are available on App Store and Google Play. Hope you enjoy your travels.

1.  Tripit

TripIt comes as a savior for those who love traveling but hate the hassle and clutter of itineraries and whatnot.

Whether you are planning a 10-day journey or a 5-day journey, multiple stops, or just one, TripIt will work to make it easier. TripIt will organize your plans according to your bookings and show them to you in one place, with more features for better planning. All you need to start is email every booking for a trip to TripIt, and they will do the rest.

List of features

  • Gives you a master itinerary to check out all your bookings in one place
  • Send your itinerary to your calendar or share it easily
  • Keep track of upcoming trips and past ones
  • Notifications for alerts such as flight times or hotel checkout times
  • Wait-times for public transport (Pro feature)
  • Flight alerts in real-time (Pro feature)
  • You may be eligible for free Pro access if your employer uses Concur (Pro feature)
  • Guidance and points to note for all destinations
  • Safe storage of your travel related documents

2.  TripLingo

Communication across languages is still one of the biggest challenges for any international traveler. TripLingo is one of the offline translator app that takes the issue out of it and lets you converse freely in languages worldwide. Its free version has all its basic features in all languages offered, while premium package offers more features that can enhance your travel experience with ease.

List of features

  • Live translator tool to translate your voice or text in 19 languages
  • A quick crash course in a particular language and local culture
  • Live human translator access for USD3 per minute
  • Offline dictionary with 10,000 words
  • Over 2,000 phrases and 30,000 audio recordings across languages
  • Trip calculator and currency converter
  • Built-in Wi-Fi dialer for calling any US phone number
  • Built-in quizzes and questionnaires to help you learn more of the languages

3.  Packpoint

To take this or to take that? Any traveler’s ultimate dilemma. Pitched as an app that can practically pack a traveler’s bags for them, PackPoint is a unique application aimed at solving this expertly and then some. It can also help the ‘forgetful traveler’ keep track of anything they might forget to take along. The app is aimed at allowing you to pack smartly, keeping in mind all your preferences. When you enter your destination city and departure details, it will also consider conditions such as weather in the destination, length of your stay, the purpose of your stay, etc.

List of features

  • Helps create a list of whatever you might on your trip
  • Keeps track of things you might need according to the destination’s weather
  • Helps you pack smartly to avoid extra baggage fees charged by airlines
  • Asks questions and includes suggestions, such as the number of clothes to be packed or an umbrella
  • A home screen widget for easy access
  • Will allow you options for keeping track of essentials such as chargers, documents, etc.
  • Sync your lists to Evernote or share them with others
  • Premium features include a connection to TripIt

The Bottom Line

Traveling should be a fun or relaxing experience. These apps can help any traveler take a step in that direction and help manage things in an efficient and effective way. Use these apps to make your next travel hassle-free and easier to plan. Here’s hoping you make the most out of your next trip, fellow traveler. So, what are you waiting for? Get Going!

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