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Trendy Bathroom Design Choices Definitely Need to See

Bathrooms have been neglected by homeowners long enough. There was a time when people would not even take a second glance at bathrooms and that time is gone. We are the “bathroom selfie” generation and bathrooms are important to us. Fashion has evolved bathroom interior design quickly and you will see a vast variety in construction and composition of bathrooms.

Staying up-to-date is important. Classic bathrooms are gone. Modern bathrooms are now installed not just in houses but office places, restaurants, hotels, etc. Contemporary bathrooms are a sign of modernization and, let’s be honest, wealth.

I want to renovate my bathroom into a more updated style, what should I go with? Well, we are here to tell you exactly what most suitable choices you have. Here are the top ten (in no particular order) most popular bathroom styles.

1. Victorian

Victorian Bathrooms fall into the category of vintage and antique bathrooms. The bathrooms are mostly comprised of wooden surfaces and porcelain tiles. The most suitable color themes are plain whites and brown. Tapware and other fixtures can be brown to better fit the theme. Look for brushed nickel tapware in Australia that fits Victorian bathrooms best.

2. Traditional.

This is the most common and mainstream type of bathroom. This is a very elegant, sophisticated, and simple type of bathroom which mostly includes white ceramic ware. The color scheme is never monotone, instead, copper or brass fixtures are used. Soft colors are most common in traditional bathrooms.

3. Contemporary.

Contemporary bathrooms are the most current, up-to-date, and fashionable bathrooms. These are mostly very elegant and minimal with flowy curves, geometric patterns, and clever angle work. The inspiration rule for this design simply is “less is more”.

4. Transitional

These bathrooms are very difficult to design but are worth your time and money. Different fashion eras are combined together as designers pick and choose suitable elements and merge them to give you exactly what would suit your home best.

5. Tropical

This one is for the nature lovers! A modern approach to giving your bathroom a tropical look with an industrial bath and wooden walls and floor, this bathroom style might be expensive but undoubtedly worth your dime.

6. Modern.

Modern bathrooms are similar to contemporary bathrooms, but modern bathrooms are more plain and simple. The floors and walls are intricately designed to give a minimalist but modern look.

7. Eclectic.

Eclectic bathrooms are popular, especially because they best suit more undersized bathrooms. If you have constricted space but want a chic bathroom, go with an eclectic bathroom.

8. Industrial.

Industrial bathrooms bring out the geometry by outlining square lines, raw materials, and concrete. This type of bathroom is most common in luxury suites as they are very modern and costly.

9. Craftsman.

Craftsman bathrooms are expensive to build as most of the components are handcrafted with creativity. Most of the tiles, glazes. moldings, etc. used are handmade. The color scheme is usually earthly to give a natural ambiance.

10. Midcentury.

Midcentury bathrooms fall in the category of antique and vintage bathrooms, with a touch of modern and contemporary. The most common features of midcentury bathrooms are flat tiles on the walls, matte countertops, etc.

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