Unlock the Power of Fire Pits

Unlock the Power of Fire Pits: An Ultimate Guide

 Are you among those who love spending time in their beautiful backyard?  

So, you are not the only one; backyards have evolved in the last 10-15 years because more and more people love to spend quality time on their patios. The detailing of backyards is equally essential for them, just like their different rooms.   

Backyards now have numerous elements, and the most common elements among them are water and firepits, such as round, rectangular, and square fire pits. Both of these elements add an extra layer of luxury, relaxation, and enjoyment.   

Read on to learn more about different inspiring materials, layouts, shapes, and sizes in this ultimate guide on fire pits.   

Attractions of Fire Pits  

  • They reunite loved ones, friends, and customers.  
  • They add warmth and a welcoming atmosphere to any outdoor area.  
  • They open up the outside to your living area.  
  • They are excellent for the residential and hospitality industries since they are flexible.  


Fire Pit Layouts to Transform Your Space

Different shapes of fire pits, such as round, rectangular, and square fire pits, are the lovely destination that is so warm and cozy on those cold nights of winter. Thus, it’s time to make the fire pit the focal point of your patio! Whether you want to enjoy the “Me-Time” and want to throw a party for your loved ones, fire pits can be utilized as an added luxury for you. Fire pits do not always need to be in a complete set; instead, they are sufficient enough to be a standalone art. For instance, fire pits alone can be added to the poolside, and it will create a dramatic look by offering a glowing pathway to light up your way.   

Therefore, use it as a standalone unit or build an intimate setting; fire pits will never disappoint you.

Unlock the Power of Fire Pits


Types of Fire Pits  

Till now, fire pits are available in the market with three different options, i.e., wood, natural gas, and propane. Propane and natural gas fire pits are very common in those cities where wood-burning fire pits are strictly prohibited.   


Natural Gas Fire Pits  

A certified gas installer must install a natural gas line underground to the desired location to use the natural gas fire pit. Including that gas line in your plans is vital if you are starting a backyard renovation to ensure it goes well. Remember that you must set aside money for the expense of this gas connection. If your outside space is finished, you must decide whether you will dig up your stone or pavers to add to this line. Can the gas line be connected to my desired location? Will it change how my place looks? If on a deck, do you have access underneath? However, if including a gas line is too disruptive to your place, propane fire pits are for you!  


Propane Fire Pits  

Propane fire pits are convenient and adaptable. If you choose propane, your fire pit will be entirely portable and easier on the wallet because no gas connection runs on propane. In order to comply with the code, you must have a wide 8 feet of safety clearance from the top of the fire pit to the covering above if you are thinking of installing a natural gas or propane fire pit in a covered area, such as a backyard patio.  

A variety of beautiful designs and sizes are available for propane fire pits. For instance, the following standard forms of fire pits are offered by iCosiest:  

Rectangular Fire Pits  

The traditional fire pit shape maximizes entertaining space and fits in locations ranging from small to large.  


Round Fire Pits  

This form is ideal for sitting 2 to 8 people, depending on the level of coziness you prefer, and it allows for easy mobility and circular conversation.  


Square Fire Pits  

For smaller urban spaces, like city backyards, this shape works well. This is a clean-lined, modern choice for a small sectional and four club chairs.  

Wood Fire Pits  

Numerous companies in the market also offer a stunning selection of custom-built wood-burning fire pits constructed of steel. Long-lasting heat resistance and an incredible rust patina finish on steel combine to produce an urban, industrial, yet cozy appearance.  

With its low profile and proximity to the ground, the wood-burning fire pit offers a complete view of the flames in a very tidy and modern manner. This soft, calming pattern enhances any landscape, whether near water or far away.  

Final Words

With the help of iCosiest fire pits of different sizes and shapes, such as rectangular, round, and square fire pits, we are glad to help you decide what type and dimensions of fire pit are ideal for you and your preferred outside location. The options are unlimited for vast and unique settings. To learn more about our specialized program to create a fire feature just for you, please contact us right away!  


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