Types Of Car Crashes
Types Of Car Crashes

What Are The Most Dangerous Types Of Car Crashes?

Any car crash can result in serious injury, but some are a bit more severe than others. Believe it or not, there are a number of different types of car accidents that can cause serious bodily harm.

From being rear-ended to side collisions, we list some of the most dangerous types of accidents you can get into. However, One thing to remember is that if you are involved in a serious car accident, always seek immediate medical attention and consult with a car accident attorney to explore your legal options.

Rear-End Collisions

Rear-end collisions can be minor and severe, but both can cause serious injury. One such injury is whiplash, which takes place when the driver’s head is suddenly whipped back and forth unexpectedly. This injury can affect your neck, shoulders and even the upper back.

The thing with whiplash is that it’s difficult to prove the degree of injury. The effects can be long lasting as well. This means that rear-end victims can exaggerate their injuries, which means insurance companies are of claims of whiplash injuries. In fact, most car accident attorneys don’t even use the term “whiplash”. Instead, they will call it a “cervical strain” or another similar term.


Accidents where one car impacts the side of another is called a T-Bone. These side-impact crashes are among the most deadly types of vehicle collisions you can be involved in. Typically, a T-Bone accident takes place at crossings. In this crash, one vehicle usually collides with the side of another head-on.

Due to less protection on the side of a car, high-speed side-impact collisions may result in severe and sometimes deadly injuries.

Head-On Collision

Because two cars are traveling in different directions, head-on crashes are generally regarded as the most severe kind of collision. These accidents have a significantly greater relative speed than most other types of accidents. For example, if two cars collide at 40 mph, the impact is equivalent to one car crashing at around 80 mph.

Sadly, head-on collisions end in death most of the time.


Rollovers are more frequent in SUVs, vans, and other larger vehicles than in smaller cars. Still, this can still happen in any vehicle. Usually, a rollover happens when the driver turns the wheel sharply or when swerving to avoid a road hazard. It goes without saying, but due to the vehicle flipping to the side or roof, life-threatening injuries can occur.

Multiple-Car Pile-Up

A car crash is always dangerous, but when there are more motorists involved in a single crash, the risk of injury increases dramatically. In these types of accidents, vehicles are often struck more than once by other vehicles driving at high speeds in these collisions. It’s also hard for drivers and passengers to exit their vehicles safely.

Running Off The Road

This kind of crash is a single-car accident that takes place when the vehicle leaves the road and collides with a stationary object like a tree, light pole or concrete barrier.

This kind of crash accounts for more than 31% of fatal accidents in the U.S. and just over 16% of all crashes.

Usually, running off the road is caused by less-than-ideal weather or road conditions, vehicle over-corrections, or distracted or sleepy driving. Obviously, driving while intoxicated also contributes to these accidents.

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