Why is glamping taking over the travel industry?

People are seeking an upgrade to their vacation experiences, something different from their usual experiences. But of course, humans are stubborn to change. The rise of the internet has given birth to the concept of glamping. Glamping is a portmanteau of the words camping and glamour. Classic camping is now associated with dirt and hard labour- certainly not something you’d want to do on a day off. 

The rise of glamping

Humans have come so far in terms of technological advancements that it is now an integral part of our lives. The impact of technology to make lives easier is so normalised it is often ignored, but it can be hard to deny its role in our lives. Because of how much technology has become habitual, “living in nature” has just become an aesthetic concept for Pinterest. Nobody wants to spend time like a caveman when we can google how to make a fire, right?

People seek the same artificially created comfort in a nature made by a divine force. Mother nature doesn’t come with an air mattress. So, to tend to that demand came the rise of glamping tourism agencies. These agencies send you on a much luxurious version of a camp to enjoy some time in nature. Man’s thirst for comfort is never-ending, and as a result, this business quickly took off in the travel market. 

Glamping became a trend and quickly stole the spotlight from authentic camping. It is a complete package with everything you need for a relaxing getaway in the woods. The word made it into the Oxford dictionary in 2016. 

Impact during the COVID-19 pandemic

While the COVID-19 pandemic destroyed the market conditions for travel industries, it proved quite beneficial for the glamping market. Since it was no longer required to be present physically, working from remote places became easier. As long as you had a wifi connection, you could work from anywhere. A lot of people took this as an opportunity to take a trip into the woods. They could enjoy a different environment while performing their routine jobs. Pictures of people working in picturesque scenes became a trend leading to a boost in the market. 

Glamping today

Today, the glamping industry is ever so successful with a bright future. Just as any other growing industry, glamping has been host to a significant amount of diversification. Consumers now have a variety of options to customise their experience. They can now choose from living in treehouses, pods, luxury tents, RVs, cabins, beach houses, domes- the possibilities are endless. 

All these different accommodation options provide around the same features: a clean bathroom, stable network connections, proper food, shelter secure from wild animals etc. But, of course, the more the industry grows, the more luxury it will house.


The glamping industry is a growing industry that has been resistant to global economic crises like the COVID-19 pandemic. It certainly has a very secure future as humanity continues to incorporate technology and comfort into the basics of their lives. 

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