Discover Italy, make your vacations unforgettable by exploring these places

Over the course of history, Italy has cemented its place as the 3rd most visited country for tourism in the world. Italy has been the prime choice as a destination for vacations owed mainly to its historical and cultural heritage. In addition, most of the tourist resorts in Italy take complete advantage of the natural scenic beauty in their surrounding places. However, by italian tourism board there been a shift in recent times towards visiting Italy for camping in areas with breathtaking views rather than booking and staying at luxurious hotels, though that option is always available.

This blog lists two places that you must not miss when visiting Italy. It is directed to simple visiting tourists and campers alike because the places mentioned will have services to both and are generally available all year round given how much of a tourist attraction these places are.

The wonders of Tuscany

It is a beautiful region that serves as a cultural and historical hotspot and the main attraction for tourists primarily for its amazing landscapes that harbor ancient historical landmarks dictating the city’s history. It would not be an overstatement to say that every view in Tuscany will be memorable, and each photo you take there will have a fantastic background that could either include the surrounding hills lush with greenery or its coast harboring calm crystal-blue seas. Tuscany will be a place to truly remember as it bedazzles you with its art and fascinating landscapes and its green, peaceful countrysides. 

Places in Italy for glamping are available all year round for tourists, allowing people to take in the natural beauty to its fullest extent while also having all the luxuries of a hotel. 

The most important of cities here that you must be sure not to miss, is Florence, here you will find fellow visitors/tourists mostly at the country’s finest museums and art displays. Montescudadio is also a popular glamping spot if that’s what you plan to do, it is enveloped by blissful forests.

The city of Lake Garda Lazise, Veneto

Situated in the province of Veneto, Lazise is located in close proximity to Lake Garda and the city of Verona, making this an ideal to stay. The main highlight of the town is the lakeside itself, it is surrounded by various theme parks including Movieland park being one of the most popular ones, along the lakeside are also open spaces for people to camp, else if they wish they may book themselves a place in any of the hotels with a lakeside view for an even more luxurious experience. 

Lazise attracts tourists from all around the world each year. Given the recent rise of the idea of glamping, many glamping resorts have propped up here, providing their services while taking advantage of the wondrous natural beauty of Lake Garda.

Ending note

To summarise, if you plan to spend your vacations in Italy, then it is a must for you to visit the region of Tuscany and the city of Lazise at least once, it is almost a given that you will be awestruck by how amazing these places are and what they have to offer. You will have opportunities in these places to camp, find hotels to stay or book one of the many glamping sites here all throughout the year.

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